Monday, December 27, 2010

How to join European Parliament

That the elected representatives of the European Union submitted by users, members ArticleThe Parliament European is composed. A member can be achieved if you decide to run in the direct elections of the E.U.Difficulty: ChallengingInstructionsThings, need: active participation in your GovernmentFluency locally in a European language other than the European Parliament English1The is very important that your elected representatives is to make what is European Union legislation this legislation affects the members of the European Union for the everyday decisions, a direct impact on the citizens. 2The more than 780 elected members have elected European Parliament for a period of 5 years. Elections have strict rules and work on a scale of proportional representation. All EU Member States have at least five selected seats.The European Parliament London Office to interview phone, please provided the following information: the best way to join to be must have already local level active, because it is at parliamentary level, selected to run for the seat of the MEP, a member of the European Parliament. If he is active at the local level of Government, the basic principles you can notice are you to pursue your career. Here's how it works: selection and elections are proportional representation. You have more active and more your position within your specific organization, chances are you MEP. 3You run selected requires a thorough understanding of the EU in addition to the works of Europe in the framework of the Union to know. other languages of the European Union and help you. Can several times and if elected, will your term of Office for 5 sein.NS after running the years. 4If 5 you selected, one week the PParliament in Strasbourg and the length of the month in Brussels will serve.

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