Thursday, December 30, 2010

Indonesian labour law

2009 113,3 Are Indonesia employs back millions of people. The Government is responsible for the protection of the rights of these workers and for a fair and decent working environment. Indonesian law of the HoursUnder workers for more than seven hours per day or 40 hours per week over a period of six days to work; more than eight hours per day or 40 hours per week on a five day period.WagesIndonesia a policy has varied implemented minimum wage of between the provinces. For example, in the North of Sumatra is 822,205 rupiah per month, while in South Sumatra 743,000 by month.OvertimeIndonesian workers may three hours of overtime work per day or work 14 hours per week and this work.MinorsAccording Indonesian law, be compensated for a child as defined is a person under the age of 18 years. Children are allowed to work no more than three hours per day and the work must not interfere with or disrupt their studies.

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