Monday, December 27, 2010

The story of a 40-hour work week

In 2010, working environment, it is not commonly known modern 40 hour work week was only right since the 1930s. Before this work American workers working often 10 to 14 hours per day, six days a week. There were small government attempts to regulate working hours, in the nineteenth century, but is the aggressive action from a manufacturer of automobiles and later efforts of the United States which contributed widely create modern American work week practiced in 2010. HistoryDue on the industrial revolution of the early 19th century, American workers, men, women and children, were working days work 14 hours. Especially at the level of Government, amount of working time on a day trying to regulate at the beginning of the 1900s. Some States even tried to limit the amount of hours worked by women. Automobile manufacturers, Henry Ford was was the first voluntarily work week which is commonplace in 2010.Efforts ChangeMartin Van Buren the first American President, to open the legislation to limit the number of hours. In 1840, he published a decree restricting the working day with 10 hours per day on Federal. 1919 Of the international labour organisation instead of its Congress "hours of work" and creates a eight or nine hours a day, six days a week work schedule model. While Herbert Hoover has the great depression of the 1930s, an invoice, which reduced work week 30 hours per week would have. The Bill passed the Senate but never House.FordOn 1 had may 1926, Henry Ford automobile manufacturers voluntarily made calendar work eight hours a day, five days a week for SieFabrikarbeiter. Three months later, it was the work of his Office staff policies. Ford Research has made it clear that the Arbeitsproduktivwork 40 hours a success it and cost reduction qualified production. Ford congratulated the shorter working week, more social time.FDRShortly EmploientEES d. offer after taking, Franklin Roosevelt pressure is work for hours shorter, but his initial efforts have been crushed the Supreme Court. In 1936 require procurement Walsh Healy Act contractors of the Government for overtime rate times more than eight hours worked are paid. In 1938 40 hours of work a week revealed which are in force which entered, with the adoption of fair Labor Standards Act.International ComparisonsA 2007 International Organization work study, that one in five workers around the world working time "excessive." The study shows that over 600 million workers work more than 48 hours per week. Peru highest rank in study with 50.9% of the employees in this category. Korea Thailand 49.5% to 46.7% and Pakistan with 44.4% had worked a high percentage of workers who excessively. The study also found that 18.1% of American workers work more than 48 hours is mainly due to economic conditions.

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