Monday, December 27, 2010

Work visa restrictions

Restrictions on visas for foreign nationals who work strengthens the United States. Those who violate the constraints are subject to deportation and future applications of visa refusal. The State Department cited specific restrictions for each type of work permit. Home B1 Visa Business VisaThe B1 offers short-term business tours for visitors, the unpaid exotic compensation. D1 CrewmanThe D1 visas for foreign workers on ships or visa aircraft. G1-4 employees to work international visa issued representative of an international organisation OrganizationsThese. Visa for personal work, if you are busy G1-4 visas, temporary agency workers in specialty ClassificationsThis enables Visa employment with a company, the approval of an application, which IN the holders. H1B G5 has received. The period of employment is 3 years with 3 extension. H2A possible qualified years & B or agricultural LaborersWorkers with this visa may only works for applicant employers and for a determined period only.

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