Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rights of workers should be & offences

The laws of the rights of workers to the Federal, State and local levels are designed to protect you and your colleagues. Know your rights so that all offences that can occur and consider appropriate measures to correct. Only WagesIf that work for hourly wages USA, your employer by federal, State and local minimum wage laws is bound. Although minimum wage a $7.25 Germany in 2010 hour, several States have higher mandatory compensation. For a list of the current minimum wage by State, refer to the StatesSafety minimum wage law of the Ministry of labor in the WorkplaceYou have the right to appropriate reduce safety at workplace safety equipment and 1970 Health Act requires employers to meet certain standards of security to their jobs. These standards are established and controlled by the administration of the health and safety at work. Staff reserve the right to report any privacy or breaches of the Civil Rights Act, accompanied organization.Sexual by the laws of the State in most countries, HarassmentThe health workers against sexual harassment at protects work. Nolo legal company defines sexual harassment as "Progress sexual intrusive or created behavior to work an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment." If you are a victim of harassment, please report your claim to the equal employment opportunity Commission.

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