Thursday, December 30, 2010

Filing a charge of discrimination in the workplace

It is difficult to work in an environment where you are discriminated against, but it's even harder to decide to file charges of discrimination in the workplace. However, if you have a promotion, the same pay denied been have or harassment based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or ethnicity were there may be the correct action to take.Difficulty: ModerateInstructionsThings, need: (recommended) Attorney employer contact InformationDescription offence alleged discrimination1Read strategy for combating discrimination on your company to determine whether an internal complaint process. Most companies have an agent for positive action on the complaint must be submitted. However, even if it internally complain good practice first, it is not necessary for filing a claim with federal or State agency 2Find precursor a lawyer specialised in cases of discrimination. Several States have attorney referral programs you can get in touch with a lawyer with a specialty in labour law. In addition, many lawyers offer free short introductory interview. This can be that all the time to the process of filing a claim. 3Ask counsel questions to clarify. You must employers, as you know approach to interact with your after an application is filed. Your lawyer will also advise you as to what constitutes direct and circumstantial evidence of alleged discrimination 4Contact Commission equal opportunities employment (Commission) for filing a discrimination in the workplace, the State or federal agency to load (see resources below). Most applications first level of the State except abgelegts by federal officials. These requirements are as detailed as possible by officials 5Fill State and Federal Boardöglich intake questionnaire examined. In addition to providing your own name and contact information, you must have: the coordinates for the employer/company against whom you a ch. 19 the approximate number of people, the company employs file, a description of the alleged discriminatory action and the date on the occurred. 6Cooperate breach fully with the agency survey. Agents to interview in depth and no direct evidence to collect, who might need to your employer of of load to inform.

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