Monday, December 27, 2010

Rights of employee complaints

Employees find to complain much work, but not every complaint is for what is an illegal practice. In cases where an employee has a complaint that would file on an illegal act in the workplace, it a variety of routes to choose. Only LaborUnder guidelines of the Fair Labor Standards Act, employees have the right, at least 40 hours earn $7.25 an hour, as well as remuneration for overtime federal minimum wage if more in a week to work. If the employer does not meet these requirements, the worker has the right, a complaint with the Department of work and hours Division.Safety FirstUnder occupational safety and Health Act (OSHA) guidelines, employees have the right to work in a secure environment and apply for a safety inspection. 11 C section of health and safety at work Act may prohibit employees a complaint about the dangerous occupational safety and health administration work with employer.Employment without fear of retaliation by their EqualityNumerous laws adopted conditions that employers discriminate against an employee, on the basis of age, sex, religion, race, national origin, color, or disability. Each employee who has been discriminated against or during, before or after which has kept a job has the right to a complaint with the equal employment opportunity Commission (Commission) file without fear of reprisals.

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