Thursday, December 30, 2010

Law and policy for valet parking

Voiturier company offers a special service for many companies such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants and most numerous. Because clients are based on the trust of foreigners for the safety of your car, the National Association of valet parking said rules and regulations which must correspond to its members. Security and SafetyThe Jack National Parking Association require their members, security measures, to prevent that comply with the theft of vehicles. Valet companies must the doors lock which all cars kept in your business and secure key in a locked box. Is the safety of workers, company Valet must-carry insurance with a minimum of 5 000 $000 in insurance.Customer, the ServiceEmployees need the best possible service for your customers provide; Workers ' compensation all members to offer training for your employees, including on-site training and teaching lessons. Valet must bear the correct uniform and present all times.EmployeesValet company limited a professional look must follow all State and federal laws work. It is mandatory that behavior of employees, references and background folders are enabled. Physical requirements for employees turn Valet including sit and stand for long periods of time and able to go and run over long distances. Furthermore, employees should can effectively communicate in written and spoken.

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