Monday, December 27, 2010

Union rights of workers

Employees are required, join could have a Trade Union, step, but those who join the Union to pay the trade unions, according to the employer and the State in which the employee works. Workshops of the Union, which are places of work, companies and authorities require no employees Union to join, but non-members must pay membership fees. Trade unions representing employees in collective bargaining and provide services for all represented employees. Training the UnionAll employees not only have the right to join a Trade Union, but if there is no Union in their employment, employees have the right to start a Trade Union. If the employees form a Union, the employer cannot threaten employee fire. In addition to that not located fire, everyone can the employer in the operation of the undertaking do not close, since a Union has formed.Dangerous EnvironmentAn working employers was the right features of the work of the employee to change, if it the policy of the company or is in the description of the original work of the employee. If reasons cause that reduce the employer, an employer can an employee to another position, transfer, so that the staff keeps the job. However, if an employer the employee one job difficult or even dangerous that he or she is not properly trained, the Union linked to because the employees it is one, that employees are workers union rights.TerminationWhen violation is raised by an employer, it may be his desire for workers who belong to the Union. Termination of unionized employees is subject to the Union. The Union has the right to use the collective employment for unionized workers beizubekeep or an agreement in the best interests of the employee to arbeiten.Verhandlungen superiors and the employer.StrikesWhen Union members made between the head of the Union or other Union a union strike, strike and have. A Trade Union is entitled to receive the strike is much less than his regular salary. An employer can't system a Union worker, the strikes, because it is his right to do so. Right to strike, an employer to replace workers set, can trade unions organised until the strike is over. Negotiations will decide if and when returning to work in the rule provide a list of hirings when occur.MembershipThose which join the Union rights in the Union have unionised workers. Some workers join the Union early in his employment to an organisation that stand up to you and for you can negotiate with the company. However, when the time comes that the employee will be no longer part of the Union, has that workers the right to terminate the membership.

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