Monday, December 27, 2010

Regulate the compensation insurance compensation in South Carolina

Workers compensation is one kind of employer insurance protect your employees from injury in the workplace must have. In South Carolina, an employer must lead with four employees workers insurance compensation. FrameIf time workers at the workplace is injured request his employer to report and medical care. Injuries must use 90 days receive reported, but someone has up to two years from the date of the accident to file CoverageAn claim.Medical employees entitled to reduce disability including surgery, hospital, medical care, prosthetic devices and orders all necessary. These services are covered and long courses approved by insurance CompensationAfter company.Wage doctor the first seven days of work, an employee is compensated for loss of income at a rate of 66.67 per cent of his average work week. After working for 14 days, the staff get compensation from the date of the BenefitsBenefits the accident.Termination end be taken, if the employee's doctor free treatment and lets him go back to work with or without restrictions. If someone disagrees, he file can a hearing to contest the doctor for InjuryCompensation based recommendations.Compensation for permanent damage exists set on a rating scale. The loss of two disability and permanent is totally hands, arms, feet, legs, vision in both eyes, or a combination of the two losses.

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