Monday, December 27, 2010

Wage labour law

Work for employees federal laws provide certain protection. The minimum wage and overtime requirements of fair labour standards (EDF) Act apply to all employees are right cover when the employees are paid hourly, or that you are on a salary. "White Collar" liberation of the EDF includes certain employees Protection Act but only, meet if staff functions the tests listed in the EDF and the accompanying regulations. The national labour relations Act (NLRA) refers to employees, but not specified professional employees fall on collective bargaining coverage. The NLRA requires no employer to bargain collectively with supervisory authorities staff. Fair Labor Standards Act: minimum WageThe Fair Labor Act is a federal law content of the Federal wages and labour requirements. The doctor employers require their employees specified the Federal minimum wage payable even if some States require a minimum wage above the federal level. Although the need for FLSA minimum wage as an hourly rate is expressed, the law includes not who paid in any other way. If employees receive a salary, or at the rhythm room or pay employees contains advice, are always right, content is the doctor minimum wage rate. Laws of work for employees often differ from those that schedules apply to employees.FLSA: hours, additional PayThe EDF specifies that employees at the rate of least1 pay rates of regular numbers 1 staff / 2 times for all hours over 40 hours week performed. The normal rate is calculated by dividing the seined by the total number of hours for which the reward provides compensation expenses for employees. For example, if an employee ein is given per salary of $450 and works of 45 hours per week, is reg Employépremier pay rate $10 per hour. In addition to per result the employee has five overtime overtime work week.White Col ExemptionThe EDF certain employees "White collar" of the Federal minimum wage provides and laws overtime (an additional $5 per hour) pay. Cover free sales executive, administrative, professional by the doctor and outside as well as some qualified staff computers. The exemption to apply, the employee must in the rule a salary, paid at a rate based on less $455 per week. Features the work of the employee must also all tests in the EDF listed and the regulations, the the of the meet u.s. Department of labor. For example, except executive employees must be paid not only on the basis of content, but rent must also features include the management of a company and the work of other employees who have the power, direct or employees. It is often difficult to get additional pay.Highly hours employees compensation EmployeesThe U.S. Department of labor revised EDF white collar regulation in 2004 providing a simplified for employees who are paid on the basis of salary or fee and earn less than $ 100,000-exemption-test. How are highly compensated employees of additional, if perform their duties to release at least one of the tests in the regulations, Executive, administrative or professional employees.No EDF RequirementsAlthough fair included work Labor Act certain contains S except work ActMIC and the law defines overtime requirements, no standards work on a number of problems of employment for hourly workers or employees. For example, require the provisions of the EEF no score bonus for work on weekends or nights, no maximum working hours per week set and take questions such as severance pay, vacation, sick leave, breaks for lunch or pay account increases.NationalLabor relations ActThe national labour relations act is right work governing collective bargaining between an employer and bargaining representative American employees. Monitor employees are excluded from the coverage of the NLRA. In other words, the NLRA requires no employer with a representative of its employees of the authority to negotiate. Definition of the NLRA employee monitoring refers not to know whether the employees on an hourly basis or salary is paid. Rather, a supervisor is defined as a person who has to hire the authority, fire or discipline, employees.Professional EmployeesProfessional others fall under cover of the NLRA. The definition of professional in the NLRA turns on the question whether an employee based on paid the salary or hourly remuneration. Instead the definition of professional staff based on the tasks of the work and the way off and training received by staff. The NLRA specifies that employees and professional staff professionals in the same unit or group of collective bargaining are placed with your employer, if the majority of professional staff in such unit. BWWRO2 collective bargaining be included

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