Monday, December 27, 2010

German immigration information

With its obligations as a member of the European Community in place the Germany an immigration policy particularly highly qualified immigrants, where the most European colleagues to easily migrate promotes. About 9% of the population were foreign. European UnityIn laid down in accordance with the principles of the European Union (EU) and the terms and conditions for the European economic area (EEA), Germany priority of employment for the citizens of the European Community. To the citizens of the EU/EEA countries have legal access to employment market.Highly Germany WorkersGermany qualified themselves often issues permits work for highly qualified workers from outside the EU/EEA. Academics, researchers and business manager and senior industry need not demonstrate senior to fill their positions .Self PersonsSelf by German workers can get a permanent residence permit foreign staff employees. You must prove that the necessary capital, their activities generated a significant economic recovery in the region and provide a correct demand.AsylumThe need asylum due to political persecution in the German Constitution is listed. The Federal Office for migration and refugees is responsible for the processing of asylum applications and decisions on a basis.Ethnic case English German RepatriatesAs populations outside the Germany that often the German Government has faced persecution, especially in the aftermath of the war), a program to Germany repatriate ethnic German. Not Allemand spouses and children of this ethnic German prove adequate understanding of the German language to accompany members of their families in Germany.

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