Thursday, December 30, 2010

Title VII and gender discrimination

Title VII is part of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (gender) or national origin. This and other acts of discrimination are enforced by the equal employment opportunity Commission (Commission) USA. Title VII is the Federal law. There is no single law dealing with discrimination, but it is a more important. Equality laws FunctionTitle VII cover all employers in the private sector, State and local governments and schools with 15 employees or more. Cover with private and public agencies employment organizations and joint management training and labour market Committee. The Federal Government is also covered by Title VII.Time FrameTitle VII has a time limit to sex and sex discrimination charges. A fee must be submitted within 180 days from the alleged infringement. This period is extended, up to 300 days if the product is covered by the State or local anti-discrimination law. Also, a charge must be filed with the Commission before a private actions before the Court can be submitted. A charging party may sue file a lawsuit within 90 days from receipt of right on the communication from the Commission. In addition a charging party can claim a right to sue the 180 days letter after the charge was filed first with commission.TypesDiscriminatory after title VII practices prohibited concerning rent and shoot, transfer, displacement, updating and callback, compensation, trust, employees, offers of employment, testing, recruitment, contain training and learn the use of facilities the company benefits, pension and disability leave.It classification also verbotenNT harassment, retaliation against a person for a largerJoin ├╝hr deposit or a survey, or go against practices.FeaturesTitle VII also discrimination prohibits practices how sexual harassment actions such as requests for sexual favors UnND conditions for working as hostile to people working in two gender.Title VII includes prohibits discrimination in connection with pregnancy, establishing pregnancy, childbirth and related conditions including an environment. These situations must be treated that same as any other temporary illness or condition.Also, title VII prohibited only intentional discrimination but also practices, the effect of discrimination against persons on the basis of gender.ProcessAnyone employment, whose rights are violated can a request by E-mail or by phone with the nearest office of the Commission file. Necessary information to the right include name, address and phone number, name, address and phone number of the employer, the registrant, if known, employees.The declare the number of the company a brief description of the infringement must disclose alleged rights and the crime.

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