Monday, December 27, 2010

Maritime law enforcement drugs

Maritime drug law enforcement Act is a federal law in response to increased use of boats to the adopted to drug trafficking. Act extends right from the application of the Federal law search and take ships suspected of transporting illicit drugs. Definition generally, is the definition of "Boot" by the law on the application of the law of the sea drug a boat. The definition includes half-dive vessels and submarines.ApplicabilityThe MDLEA for all vessels in the territorial waters of the United States as well as for each ship that is on the high seas without a valid claim for foreign national register and submersible pumps. Operated ships or any American citizen to fill and foreign residents are subject to act.Specific ProvisionsSection 70504 Act places the burden of proof on the defendant in criminal proceedings. Defendant can not claim violation of international law as a valid defence in a criminal trial.Factors in setting up a valid case considered the presence of any activity that contain an attempt that indicate to avoid detection. Violation of the law shall be punished, such as in the global drug abuse prevention and Control Act of 1970 (article) provided for 21 u.s.c. 960. Ships and other property are subject to forfeiture under 21 881 u.s.c..

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