Monday, December 27, 2010

How to convert a file complaint against industrial relations

The Labour Relations Board Canada provides a process by an action based on the failure properly on your behalf to be your Union allows you. Before is important to understand the basic rules; this action the Union must follow. It is difficult, a complaint against a Trade Union and submit a complaint with frivolous or unfounded allegations is not likely to be a successful.Difficulty: ChallengingInstructions1Contact, a lawyer in Canadian labour law. Request a free initial consultation in which the validity of your potential case counsel case. 2Review and try to decide to act the merits the Union acted arbitrarily failure properly to investigate your complaint or complaint based on the failure of the Union on one of the three criteria.Determine will determine. Committed gross negligence in the absence of a Union to act on your behalf? To take account of the Union, its important to act on your behalf? Trade Union in bad faith? This can be set when it refused the Union itself, due to feeling of aversion on your behalf acting is found, rather than consider your case the union based on the adequacy facts.Did not because of your race, age, sex or physical handicap discrimination? 3If you think, not act the Union based on one of the three criteria, perhaps it is time to your complaint. Uniform shape can be purchased from one of the six regional offices of the Canadian Industrial Relations Board. A list of these regional offices on Board was available in 2009. Resources for this item is a link in the section. Have 90 days to file the line of the time that you knew or should have know about the inability of the Union, properly represent your interest. After dHe submission of the complaint, where the function partners determine the necessary additional information must be submitted, get seven additional days it. 4Once compliant introduced, investigative process is started, which relations board trying to determine the circumstances of the case. This process will likely include where the testimony of all participants. The final determination of the status of the case is made by a panel of the Commission.

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