Monday, December 27, 2010

Information for visa at the Embassy of India

Indian visa applications accepted is more directly with the Consulate. They are managed by an outsourced company. The applicant all fees paid and directs all questions to the Group of outsourcing. LocationThere are five areas to manage the processing of visas: New York, Washington, San Francisco, Chicago and Houston. Determines the area where the plaintiff center.ApplicationsApplications visa application life completed online and then printed and submitted.ProcessingProcessing times usually four to six days of work. A service is accelerated on the same day. Visas are valid from the date they are issued and not required Activated.FeesFees must be paid credit online application process with map. The fee for each type and duration of the visa must be sent vary.EmergenciesEmergency visa applications directly to the Consulate. This type of visa is issued only serious crisis situations.

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