Thursday, December 23, 2010

To get authorization cards Union

Trade unions use cards authorization as a tool, so workers to vote on the question whether you want that the Union contract negotiations with their employers to you represent. Secret ballot is another tool of choice. Trade unions have the right to join a Trade Union guaranteed professional organizers, tasked it has workers form the National Labor Relations Act to help unions.Since, 1936. Workers in a particular cast, for example, ironworkers, teachers and employees of the public sector traditionally represents each Union. Trade unions belong to one of the three associations - AFL-CIO, change to win, or industrial workers of the World.Difficulty: moderately EasyInstructionsIdentify the Union appropriate for your Workplace1Look on the sides of the Federation - Aflcio .org, and iww .org - decide which is appropriate for your workplace. Use pages from any website, the tabs or the search function to find the Union that you need. You can perform an Internet search for trade unions (Your_occupation). "2 GB on the website of the Union." "" Search the membership or to organize the Department on a link such as "" membership, "Organisation", come with us "or similar title." If you a corresponding link to the site search, use national or call the Office of the Union and the organizers an organizer. 3Tell ask connected to who you are, where you are and what you want to contact form. Please send cards whenever you want. You explain your legal rights and help you organise a Union campaign at your workplace.

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