Thursday, December 30, 2010

Law on industrial relations in 1972

Labour in the country leaders formed a Federation of trade unions in 1949. The National Federation of labour market was founded in 1964 and two years later trade unionists form Trinidad and Tobago Labour Congress. However, workers have adopted the right to collective bargaining in 1972 as a Government Trinidad and Tobago the law on labour relations. ActThe Act established the first Labour Court the Caribbean English-speaking countries. He is responsible for the recognition of trade unions and freedom of the individual worker to a join. He has resolution resolution.ExclusionsSeveral created a mechanism for dispute resolution, the categories of workers from the protection under the law are excluded. It comes to domestic workers, public officials, police officers and members of the Staff Union International Bank.CriticismThe criticised Act, a Union must have to have the support of the majority of the staff, the right to collective bargaining. In addition, the collective agreements apply for at least three years, short-term, temporary workers by the law are protected.

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