Thursday, December 30, 2010

So get a work visa to the United States

A visa is never easy, even if you are entitled. However, you can complete smoothly and without conflicts the process with a little patience and attention to detail. One of the volumes handled higher visa applications in the world; the United States Therefore, a small problem with your application can set the return process. If you have a job and a credible employer sponsored, then you will have to do is fill out the necessary forms and use collection of documents, the interview.Difficulty: moderately ChallengingInstructionsThings need: 129-approved form form DS-156 or DS 160 # PassportPassport size photo $131. 00Proof ties to your home CountryForm DS-157 (if applicable) 1Wait up to ensure you receive your form I-129 approved mail in there. Don't panic, if not, you have done your employer for you. All temporary work visa application processes are started by the agent of the employer or sponsoring. Once you have your secure job, nothing in the process of visa may until you receive your approval-129. 2Schedule-USA, citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) has jurisdiction over the region or the country where you live, Embassy or Consulate visa interview appointment. You can't apply a visa, then you are within the United States to work request. The appointment must be on the website of the Consulate or Embassy you submit a request, be made online. If you are unsure which suitable Embassy or consulate for you, please visit for a complete list of places in the world. Each message list of countries, regions or cities in the local jurisdiction. Don't forget, all messages and Konsulate.Wenn you your appointment schedule you your receipt approval on your form. 3Complete-129 visa Anmeldenummeto submit form. Above must fill in at the interview and printing the visa application form Immigrantn DS-156. This form must be completed electronically on the Web site U.S. Department of State (, printed by the and signed. Some messages require the use of the form DS-160 instead of DS - 156. Visit your specific Embassy or Consulate to find out, what form it you. 4Gather all additional documents takes. It is a valid passport for at least six other months, a passport photo size and proof of ties in your country of origin (the proof that you do not plan to leave for permanent residence in the United States) bind. All citizens of the Nations from Cuba, Sudan, the Syria and the Iran must also complete all men between 16 and 45 years, and this form DS - 157 (additional alien visa request), the detailed presents travel plans. 5Attend interview questions are your application documents and provide analysis of electronic fingerprints. You pay the fresh notice which was $131.00 April 2010 at the time of the request. There is no guarantee that issued your visa for the interview. Depending on your nationality and the case, processing may take longer.

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