Monday, December 27, 2010

Rights of employers and workers concerned

For a company successfully employers and employees must work together effectively. The rights of employers and workers must be respected and honored to work effectively. The employer has the right to expect honesty and ethics of the hard work. Similarly, an employee has the right to privacy, respect and his salary payment. An employee who violates his rights may have a combination against his employer file and an employee, an employer who violates business of policy termination may face. Identify employees who are discriminated against by an employer RightsAn can not. An employee has the right for bonus and promotions at work, regardless of age, to sex, race, national origin, religious beliefs, disability or other personal characteristics. Setting step candidates have the right for employment based on your background and work experience, but to draw as personal as national origin characteristics or the race into account. An employer may require the kind of questions, an applicant or employee are limited. An employer may not questions, a subject of his national origin, but the employee has the right to work to verify the authorization of the applicant in the United States. Therefore require an employer an employee can the right to a job without drugs, if it is authorized, in the States.Prevention United drug WorkplaceAn has to work employers on how the worker has the right to work in a drug-free work environment. It is not necessary, but in some countries, employers have the right, drugs employees and new recruits, test if it is in the business strategy. Employee is tested drugs hasthe right, the results of the testing challenge drug if it disagreed. The employer has the right to determine how the employee should be disciplined such as the suspension of work, drug treatment or termination.Wage RightsAn employees has the right that crazy hours earn minimum wage federal payments, she worked for employers. The amount of the SMIC Federal has been raised to $7.25 on 24 July 2009. However, the employee must be accurate and honest to log the number of hours worked. Some employers have the right to the amount of the Federal Republic of SMIC, such as employers, employee pay farm, contract workers, railroad or BenefitsEmployees pay employees.Workers are entitled to building injured at work compensation for the delay. An employer has the right to choose the injured employee's doctor unless the employees the employer from harm selects writing his own doctor. The employer has the right to refuse injuries to an employee that violates intentionally itself and employee who intentionally hurt from your employer can brought against its file employer.Time WorkEmployees have the right to adopt because of the urgency of the family or the reasons. An employee is entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid time during a period of twelve months. However, the employer has the right of the employer will be notified if it takes time, so that to find the employer or to schedule a replacement time.

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