Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Article 7 of the Fair Labor Standards Act

Adopted in 1938, founded fair laws and policies that are today still for American workers in Labor Standards Act. Other standards he created the Federal minimum wage and restrictions on the work of young people. A rough road in the past had HistoryPassed President Roosevelt in an attempt, an economy that shaken by the crisis to revive, the EDF. According to the Ministry of labour manages the EDF, "The many changes have been made" before it was adopted in law.Section 7this section details the maximum number of hours in a regular work week allowed. States to act "no employer is one of his employees employ … for a week 40 hours Beaver", unless that employees compensated overtime increased at a rate of rate.CompensationThe compensation is calculated as "a rate of not less than two and a half times regular price" of workers will be paid according to the act.OvertimeThe law are overtime work over 40 hours in an EDF workweek.ConsiderationsThe applies "full-time and part-time workers in the private sector and federal, State and local governments," according to the Ministry of labour.

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