Friday, December 17, 2010

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State and federal laws rules the minimum wage, overtime, travel and training issues. Employees should be informed under these laws of their rights. Here are some tips that will help you research and time wage issues.Difficulty: ModerateInstructions1Understand purpose wage and hour laws. The Fair Labor Standards Act regulates the right to salary and time by you the 40 hour work week work by establishing a federal minimum wage by overtime and regulation of child labour. States have also your own laws and regulations for wage and hour issues. 2Review federal laws. In the code are the Federal wage and hour. Regulation these laws is set in the code of federal regulations. These resources should legislation and your starting point in issues 3Consult wage and time contain the text of the wage and hour research on the laws of the State. Most State Web sites links to their state wage and hour laws and regulations. Can your work for guidance and advice about the State of search-specific wage and hour laws Affairs. 4Visit U.S. Department of labor Web site. This Web site contains a large amount of information on wage and hour laws and links to other websites with the relevant case-law of the information. 5Consider. Over the years the courts have wage and hour laws interpreted and enforce laws for cases. Your local law library have access to most and will be able to support research on the decisions of the courts.

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