Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Defining accident insurance

Accident - insurance also known as workers comp or the obsolete term workers comp "-is a kind of insurance that protects against the financial responsibility for the costs of injuries in the workplace, employers." As any kind of insurance worker's compensation policy is issued by an insurance company, regular premiums shall be paid by the employer and paid an application damage of. USA InsuredAny employer is obliged to buy and maintain an accident insurance. Is essentially similar to an insurance policy on a car or at home, one at the application for damages. If an employee is injured at work, a request then the employer insurance, workers ' compensation is carried out and, if the request is accepted, workers are the injured party money to cover medical costs, lost wages and other costs relating to the injury.The insurance company that writes CarrierThe insurance of workers paid, known as the "carrier". As for the other types of insurance can sold are to a third party administrator. Many sizes of the United States and international insurance companies offer car and also sell policies.RequirementsAlmost insurance owner workers compensation that all employers by the right of workers compensation insurance are required. In some countries, employers with fewer than five employees are exempt from this requirement, and a small number of specific employer (such as farm workers in Missouri) to free some States .Employers without workers' compensation CoverageEven an employer who is excluded from conducting accidents may be held responsible for a work military ITE personallyby a worker injured introduced. It puts personal property of the employer on the threat of judgment for medical expenses to open salaries and other costs if the employee wins the combination. System event mask employer political disqualifications personally liable for compensation for workers that are working for the institutions grant evaluate each new request with counsel for injured workers, payments also negotiate issuing medical and disability claim.AdjustersClaims adjustment costs and are responsible for the management of the file. In some cases, the carrier may a lawyer to represent an employee compensation retained claim.

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