Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Employee drug and alcohol tests

Use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace endangers the safety of workers, employers and consumers. Employers have the right to manage tests ensure a drug-free work environment, but some employers are required by law to manage tests. The consequences of positive tests after tests depend on the employer and the politics. TypesHair follicles, samples of blood, urine, buffers by oral (alcohol saliva), breath alcohol are some of the drug test types and employers manage alcohol Framethe employees.Time varies from time, the drugs and alcohol in the system of the employee is detected. Examples: 1.5 hours for alcohol, 2-10 days of cocaine, Yiv use occurs in General with the new alcohol days for occasional marijuana.OccurrenceDrug and test candidates, reasonable suspicion, incidents or transportation employee testing Act 1991Transportation employment sectors (trucking, aviation, pipelines, railways and other transit) under the omnibus transportation bill random.Omnibus post occurrence employee 1991 to managing tests employees.Disciplinary who stop ActionsAn testing tests for alcohol and drug test positive for an alcohol or drugs may if it is the policy of the employer required. Some employers allow an employee to heal and back to work that it has successfully completed the treatment.

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