Monday, December 20, 2010

Employee rights and obligations

Someone has rights and obligations in the workplace. An employer may not refuse an employee time off for medical reasons; However, the employee must leave immediately taking the employer. Employer indistinguishable or harass employees as employees may not discriminate against or harass others. Employees have the right paid any work made an employee but the employee to report the number of hours he has worked must be honest. Employees AbsenceAn leave has the right to leave the family medical leave act. Of employees entitled to 12 weeks the offshore in a period of 12 months of pregnancy, the adoption of children or staff member or employee has unpaid family medical emergencies. The employee has the responsibility to inform the employer leave the application. 30 Days notice is preferable if an employee knows that you questions time if not, the employee is responsible for the notification of the employer as soon as possible so that the employer that will position of the era .Drug free WorkplaceUnder drug complete can-free workplace Act of 1988, the employer has the right to keep the drug free workplace. An employee is responsible for not taking illegal drugs or substances which can cause a dangerous working environment. The employer has the right but is not required to staff the drug test. If a drug test is required, submit it to the responsibility of the employee to a test drug unless it is discriminated against or privacy violated.Equal OpportunityEmployees is occupation have the right to be considered a job, their qualifications and skills based. One personal beliefs and characteristicss employee should not play eineRolle in recruitment and dismissal of process. However, if an employee is set, you is responsible for the maintenance of professionalism at work. Therefore the employee Rreligieux, political and cultural beliefs about other employees can enforce. This includes, bring in the literature and the campaign for this standard beliefs.Fair actin all labour workers are required to the numbers for each work for an employer to do. An employer is required vary depending on the State which is company and the type of work for employees pay an employee. Example, the height of the Federal Republic of SMIC is $7.25, but in California, the minimum wage is $8.00. in this case, the worker has the right to pay the highest rate. Each employee overtime work has the right to pay a price for working hours in the regular work of the 40-hour week. An employee has the responsibility to report the truth hours, such as synchronizing breaks.Safety CodesEmployers say breakfast their employees must provide safe working environment. This is to provide safety equipment and the display of signs in dangerous areas. An employee has a responsibility to comply with, the warnings of security, dress codes and other notifications that the employer has established a list. If an employee in the workplace is injured, has right to compensation of employees; as long as it is liable damage to itself.

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