Friday, December 17, 2010

The employment agency regulations

Employees who work for a company are to be judged on your performance at work. Discriminatory laws prohibit employment employees rent or terminate an employee based on age, color, race, sex or marital status. Employers cannot quit, demote or use deny a person with young children. This type of discrimination is punished by law. Race DiscriminationThe law provides that employers are not employees of racial discrimination. If an employee completes a request, based on your background and ability to work, based on their colour of skin should the job you. An employer may look also passed about a person well qualified for promotion on grounds of race. There is discrimination, and everyone should not pay for their employers treated equal.Discrimination based on GenderEmployers with the amount of which may be different wages. If a man some work implies running the same amount of functions, the employer can pay not male higher wages due to the their gender. As an employer may pay higher sex no female wages due to the. Equal pay for equal work is the law, unless it involved provisions such as education. Some employers with a degree of some form were the workers who can pay more based on their DiscriminationRefusing credentials.Age for hiring an employee age more teacher training and an employer, it is discrimination. If the position of a potential risk to the health of employees on grounds of age, is an exception. For example, be requires a security for a prison guard, that jemaND pass a physical examination. A doctor will then decide whether the employees p manage position K├ÂnnenHysiquement. Once the physical examination pass which is carried out prison manages a series of tests, including the applicant, a certain distance in a short time. If old candidate test pass can not you for prison can work because it is an employer who filed to complete an employee workers who sued a discrimination ClaimAny requirement.An for discrimination, that is in you. If the employee still to works pending a decision of the Court of justice cannot be the employer fires an employee based on demand. If colleagues in the name of the employee who provided testifies to the application are the employer because one can develop their testimony. This means one another application filed for discrimination and other employers with young, like the legal consequences.Employees ChildrenSome to rent not individuals with small children. Employers can feel younger children require more care. Find service guard to cover something is not scheduled overtime or business-last minute travel, that feels the employer more difficult for a person with young children will. Legally, an employer can deny a job no woman or any any parent because you have small children. You can not stop an employee or downgrade you, because you have small children, either. Employers are permitted vacation and personal days off. If your children use this time it is illegal to deny free time based on this ground.

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