Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Employment and Industrial Relations Act

Employment and labour force participation was Relations Act by the Parliament in Tanzania in 2004 to protect of the rights of workers adopted. The laws that are defined for all employees of the Government of Tanzania, except for those to work the police, prisons or the national service of the people to defend in this law. Child lab part two Act provides that children under the age of 14 are not allowed to do serious or harmful work. Children in this age of can't light work but if it to educated interference. Children is younger than 18 prohibited work in the mines or an other Act LaborThe of dangerous positions.Forced believes that it is illegal for each employee forced work become the hand by threat of punishment his employer. This part of the Act excludes military, civic obligations, offenders and community service work.DiscriminationThe law laid down rules to prohibit of discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, social origin, political opinions, religious preferences, gender, pregnancy, marital status, age, life station or HIV/AIDS status.ProvisionsThis Act established a variety of laws relating to employment standards, employers, organizational rights, collective bargaining, strikes and lock-outs and dispute resolution.

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