Monday, December 20, 2010

Employment policies and procedures

All employers should have written policies and procedures that define what is and what is not acceptable behavior in the workplace. These are usually in a textbook of the employee, a bulletin board or in the lounges of employees and break rooms. In general you address policies the presence, harassment and other aspects of the behavior of the employee to explain. InterviewsAn employer has procedures to be followed by interviews of candidates to a workstation. An employer may be questions, questions are limited, and if the policies and procedures are not followed, could result in an action against the employer. Employers must have a corresponding maintenance policy or processes in place. For example, that the employer legally a candidate may ask, if you a citizen the American in an interview, employers should have a question the suitable alternative is as if the candidate is entitled, in General, work in the employer, US.AttendanceAn has a policy of as details the number of absences or Tardies of an employee is authorized to take disciplinary action. The policy of as a list of what constitutes a paid or unpaid absence. A point system is an example of a participation policy used by some employers. A point of presence system followed the absences and Tardies, two excuses and without. If allocated exceeds the number of absences special, employees can his fired.SafetyAll of employers be sure that your employees have a safe working environment. Manual security procedures and policies must an employee handbook in detail and handed over to each employee. Manual must detail has an employee in an emergency to do schools Sicherheitsausr├╝smanagement is required, type in a warehouse or operate machines with hazardous substances. The employer is obliged needs of securing all employees.Drugs AlcoholFor of the employer to ensure that the workplace is free pharmaceutical drugs policies procedures must be implemented. An employer can manage random drug testing for current employees or require candidates to submit a drug test before the young pilot. If the application or manage drug tests for employees and applicants, an employer must follow the appropriate procedure that not is policy distribution fees based on behavior or physical characteristics.HarrassmentHarassment and implements procedures in all workplaces. Any kind of harassment in the workplace is prohibited, whether sexual or intimidation. Employment policy should in the explains how to treat what report considered harassment in the workplace, including harassment and allegations of harassment. All employers should adopt the open-door policy of warranty for all workers of the right to make any kind of harassment in the workplace at any time.

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