Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hospital maternity leave policy

Hospitals must be consistent with the State and federal laws can be policies in the development of motherhood. Law on pregnancy discrimination and the family and medical leave Act applicable prevailing statutes at the national level. Pregnancy DiscriminationThe, pregnancy discrimination Act protects an employee of the hospital against the termination of pregnancy. The law also prevents a hospital require to take an employee before his birth. In simple terms of the PDA requires leave hospital to extend the same protection for employment and benefits to male and female employees who may not be due to a medical condition.Hospitals work and, LeaveFederal paid maternity leave not required less courses paid pay right hospitals, maternity, to those who cannot work or sickness.In Hospital says hospital paid maternity leave is not required, because of an injury. California is an exception.California like most of Europe, Africa and Asia requires a paid maternity leave. These countries leaving three months of the leave.Unpaid paid Act of motherhood that comply with LeaveHospitals with the family and medical. FMLA mandates hospitals offer leave without pay for the birth of a child about 12 weeks. Holiday is unpaid, in consecutive weeks hit are but may be interrupted by small segments.The law protects a staff position while on leave. Furthermore, seniority, should employment benefits and salary increases would normally apply, which extend the employee on leave. FMLA generally covers employers with 50 employees or more. Most patientshouses meet this requirement.

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