Friday, December 10, 2010

How can I get a visa for H-1 (b) with a non-profit organization.

The owner of visa H - 1B can USA specialized for a maximum period of three years in positions with American companies. These positions require usually a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent. H 1 is an annual Cap (b) digital reached usually at the beginning of each year. The advantage of working for a non profit research organization is that these organizations are subject to the CAP. Here is how, the acquisition of one H - 1 b: to visa.Difficulty ChallengingInstructionsThings moderately need: computer Internet access printer business RecordsEmployee personal records1Seek is a speciality with a non-profit in the United States research body position. International employment agencies are helping you to get such a position (see resources below). All visa application process can take six months or longer take, so that to plan accordingly. You need a quote written from your employer, the process of visa. Keep in mind, that it no official definition of a "specialized" - is post your employer will convince us position is sufficient immigration authorities specialized 2Have your employers submit a file, an application of the conditions of work (see resources below) with the Ministry of labour. Your employer is required, (how insurance compensation and international staff are working conditions comparable with the equally U.S. workers located) offer several statements under oath. If the application is approved, your employer must publicly show, certain information from online business and site. 3Have work your employer complete form I-129 (see resources below). You can run this form because it scheintEssite signature from your employer (require some of your personal information, however). Form-129 wiRd submitted be with the U.S. citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) and are sent on approval for LCA will notice from the Department of labor. Your employer must submit a copy of your letter of job offer and a copy of the diploma your Bachelor's degree or proof of equivalent qualifications. The USCIS will then issue your employer a. notice authorisation (form I-797) your employer 4Have copy of the notice of the approval and send you reside abroad at the Embassy or Consulate next USA original. 5Go (it will be listed on the form I-129). Bring your message approval, all members of your immediate family who wish to accompany you in the United States and passes for everyone. Contact the Embassy or Consulate in advance of your visit, because additional form DS-156 for yourself and your family members (form DS-157) can require the documents. 6Complete, if you are a man at the age of 16 to 55. Your visa directly on your Passport is the Embassy or Consulate stamp. H - 4 visa get their family.

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