Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How: change of work cooperatives

Many places of work falls by the trade unions which democratically elected by the employees. Sometimes, employees can find that their Union meets your needs. Workers or the local Union might decide to join a different Union. Trade unions switch requires votes EU existing and vote one others join to separate. Switch will intervene directly to members of the Union. The National Labor Relations Board monitors Union elections and will spend involved his every vote affiliation.Difficulty: ChallengingInstructionsRemoving old Union1Talk with members of the Union on your opinion of the Union. An important decision that can interfere with workplace is trade unions of the changeover. Make sure there is enough questions discontent. 2Discuss with local leaders. If local leaders with the unit make easier vote are angry. Branch supports the former Union, go directly to the workers 3Find join new Trade Union. Not all trade unions are ready to challenge other Union for a job. The new Union must save with support. 4Collect signatures are prepared by at least 30% of workers for a petition for revocation. The National Council (NLRB)-30 percent requires industrial relations before a choice can be called to change the Union. If at work by a collective agreement is currently, petitions only between 60 and 90 days before the agreement can. 5Set concertation with the NLRB are enabled. The Board will define the terms and the option to operate. Options to monitor and enforce the union.Voting staff in a new job Union1File to remove a petition for certification of the new Union. This should be the same Zeitdie petition for withdrawal of other Union. The petition mustSupport and signatures of 30% of the workforce. occur 2Arrange to choose of a new Union at the same time or close vote at the time of the revocation. This allows quickly to a syndicate of another. 3Select branch of the new Union to reach the workers. If the vote favors the new Union, the implementation of local leaders and stewards of the key for the new union position to negotiate the agreement with the is employer workers. 4Collectively and the best deal to the labour market to win. This ensures trust the members of the Union.

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