Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How: check the status of a Canadian work visa

The Office of citizenship and immigration (CIC) Canada maintains an online service, check allows the status of implementation of submitted cases. Unfortunately, it is services tracks and the Canada is not selective in what work permit one of them. Check status is a work visa in General not necessary there at a rate that much faster than, say, an application for citizenship is treated. It is to not place about your Visa, apply to because they are processed by your Consulate General of Canada or a local Embassy.Difficulty: moderately EasyInstructions1Get contact, the Canada Consulate or the Embassy where you your visa application submitted. This is the only authority which will have details of your visa. As a general rule the message be a number of automated customer service so that you can call it guarantees however, that you are allowed with a representative of the Consulate speak. Most consular phone numbers will be lead by an automated number that prompts you, type the number of receiving your visa. 2GO in person. If your visa application is desperately late and you can apply, try, in person, your question to plead a consular representative. Make sure that you your receipt of visa with you. 3Be patients have application. Work visa outside the Canada filed, usually take a few days, a few weeks at most. Sit and relax. It is processed and you will soon know the result. Processing time depends on amount of work the specific Embassy or the Consulate of difference that you applied. You start to question its status passed up three or four weeks.

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