Friday, December 17, 2010

How: determine the EOF classifications

Equal employment opportunity Commission (EEOC) 1 report requires employers with more than 100 employees or federal contractors with 50 employees, filing an EEO-. This report provides demographic information of employees and requires that the information for each job classification is shown. EEO classifications are set by the Commission and include: Executive / senior officials and managers. first community officials and managers. Professionals; Technicians. Sales workers. administrative support workers. Trade body. Agents; Workers and helpers; and workers in the service. Job descriptions and titles may vary between companies. The Commission therefore has specific guidelines to determine which classification position falls employment into.Difficulty: ModerateInstructionsThings you need: EEO-1 statement BookletJob descriptionsInstructions1 BookletObtain a copy of the brochure inquiry EEO-1. A copy can be downloaded from the site. It contains detailed explanations of the functions of the position and how EEO - 1 classification fall under. 2 job DescriptionReview description of the work of employees and employee title. 3 WorkingDetermine, if an employee working two jobs, or more. If you do determine what employee who spends most time perform job. This work should be used for classification purposes. 4 identify JobsIdentify as the work of the employee actually works. There are occasions where an employee is for a particular contract formed, but may be perform the tasks of a job. In these cases should work that the employee performs effectively 5 DutiesIdentify which is most important activities of the employee be used for job execution EEO-1 classification. perform and Iyour correspondence with the EEO-1 for the classic Definitionenfizierung jobs employment. There are times where a title is not required indicative functions that an employee. For example, an employee have run a professional designation, but in fact Administratifappuyer functions. In such cases, use the staff as support should. 6Repeat classifies administrative steps 2 through 6 for each employee or a professional designation.

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