Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How: develop & start child care workers

The right to trade unions, the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 join provided American workers. Trade unions represented 16.9 million American jobs in 2009. The u.s. Department of Labor Federal labour law implements and regulates trade unions, the unions.Three actively recruit workers for daycare - the American Federation of teachers (AFT), United Federation of teachers (UFT) and the service employees International Union (SEIU). Are experts in labour law, policies and procedures to organise professional unions and anyone who want to make a union.Difficulty: moderately ChallengingInstructions1Look at three locations of trade unions in the history of the Union and background, benefits and services for members, publications, projects, joining the citizens of the union and contact information. Each local Union is legally and financially independent and associated itself with the national union.They, FRF are non-local branches of the National Union, a bank.You branches AFT and SEIU 2Contact all three unions organize departments can find. Call the AFT to 202-879-4400. Call 212-598-6855 FRF membership department at 202-730-7173 SEIU at. Each Union demand, a proposal for a plan to the organize your place of work, the services you can offer and comparing their average wages and benefits for workers Union of the garderie to explain who you are, where you work, and you want. 3Ask. Ask your rate of success to win the Union elections and get the first contracts. 4Compare proposals and select the Union that meets your needs best. The organizers will guide you through the rest of the process. This includes explain avaVorteile of membership in oneUnion with your colleagues take a Union certification election petition to recognize the Union Board and your first contract negotiations.

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