Friday, December 17, 2010

How does the United Kingdom on a six-month visa

To work around, the United Kingdom residents of countries outside the EU must have a visa. The British visa system is divided into several stages, each of which has specific requirements that must be met. That a program for Americans, want to come Germany work for a period of six months. It is available for the student internship BUNAC, eligible program and recent graduates. BUNAC part level 5 visa scheme.Difficulty: ModerateInstructionsThings you need: PassportBUNAC program FormEmployer DeclarationRecent TranscriptApplication fee Bank directory the savings1Search in and apply for internships in the UK. The BUNAC program internship must be performed for a maximum of six months and in addition to work regularly staffing company. Internships are also minimum wage laws except where volunteers, the no contract nor the obligations; 2Check which has to meet the remaining criteria for participation. You must be over 18 have a valid passport, current student or start the internship period of 12 months of graduation, have an internship offers and meets the requirements of the maintenance of $500 to $2500 savings. 3Apply BUNAC your certificate of sponsorship available. This form is for the students in the UK (see resources) BUNAC program and questions about your trip, your intended course and your future application for certificate of sponsorship with a copy of your Passport, proof of your status as a dated transcription, a copy of the notification of the employer which distributed and consistent with all relevant details, student information page plans. 4Send history including salary, your bank statement, the latest shows commitment savings and the cost of $750 in BUNAC located program aufApplication. 5Apply for your permission entry. Is visum enter and work in the UK and applied Pouren line (see resources). Select the application level 5 (temporary worker - authorized government Exchange) programs. Fill out the registration form and pay the appropriate fee. 6Attend your appointment of biometrics. This is assigned when you fill in the visa application. Biometrics ready, signed form necessary uses sponsoring and supporting documents with your BUNAC certificate for the BUNAC application close to German Embassy of nearest your original passport application form for your application 7Send. Embassy to process your inquiry in the case of success, stamp visa in your passport and visa. You can then enter the United Kingdom and work for a maximum period of six months, your internship.

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