Friday, December 17, 2010

How long can I keep applications?

Job applications are legal documents that require candidates employment and record history and personal information of the candidate. If a candidate is set, the application is an integral part of their employee record. Employers have legal obligations under federal law and state that collect concerning applications for employment, you. It specifies how employers manage applications requirements. There are requirements on how applications can be requested as employers hiring process can be used for and how much time an employer must maintain employment applications. ApplicationsEmployment employment laws regarding employment applications empower employers of discriminatory hiring practices must not discriminatory in previous surveys, when you are on the applications for employment, employers are. Employers need to know and legal compliance employment to avoid fines and prosecution. Applications have a large part of the process of recruitment as a legal document for all those who should be the same the same job. Records of staff, including applications for employment, are subject to statutory requirements for maintenance of records. Linked documents to rent must be maintained for any period of the employee in employment and at least one year after.Age discrimination in employment ActThe age discrimination in employment, and the ADEA is a federal law, which protects employees and applicants for employment who are at least 40 employer discrimination on grounds of age. ADEA requires employers with 20 or more employees to keep the applications and all documents relating to the action of the functionAGS as advertising sales and purchase orders is desArbeiten for a year.Americans with disabilities ActThe Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, or ADA, a federal law, protects employees and applicants for employment discrimination based on disability. The ADA requires employers with 15 employees or more, to continue to request, for at least one year and not less than one year after an employee is terminates.Title VIITitle VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Emploications or title VII, a federal law, the employees and applicants for employment discrimination on grounds of race and sex protects. Title VII requires employers with more than 100 employees keep applications for employment for at least a year and at least one year after an employee ends. If a claim of discrimination, the employer must take all relevant personnel records until the claim is closed.

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