Monday, December 20, 2010

How to convert 01 visa with a work permit

0-1 Visa is a visa for employment, the persons entering the United States based on their extensive skills in areas such as science, the arts, business or education offered. This visa is also available for musicians and athletes. 0-1 Visa is for a period of three years granted want often convert people 0-1 visa for a work permit to stay and work in the United States.Difficulty: moderately EasyInstructionsThings ll need: passport valid for at least 6 months links validity PeriodPersonal records (birth, marriage, divorce) copy the O-1 visa application with UpdatesProof status1Update O - 1 current passport if you do no more than six months have left validity. Your passport must for the work permit application 2Make. a copy of your personal files, including a copy of your birth certificate, certificate of marriage and divorce records as necessary valid. You must apply to your work your marital status if allowed to specify. Their loans, you must send that in application 3Review 0-1 specific presentations. You must demonstrate that you have won or achieve something in your area because you have been approved for 0-1 visa. For example, if you are a researcher, displays a list of the prizes or benefits achieved in the United States. Review the requirements of the nationality of the United States and immigration to the list of requirements specific industries. 4Make received a copy of your 0-1 visa for your application. Send the original copy of everything you send, where he lost in the post, no. Must include a copy of your U.S. 94 registration form that you get if you U.S. 5Fill entered application for a work permit. Need variety, y 140 –45, I-765-131, G-325. All these forms have unterschiedliche fees, some are more expensive than others. 6Complete physical examination is conducted appropriate Parun doctor or surgeon. The USCIS you can instruct one if you find one. 7Submit filled forms, proof of physical examination and your personal folders from the USCIS. Pay the processing fee, the application with your Inbox documents. submit 8Check mailbox after three months from the date of the request. If approved, you will receive your work permit.

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