Friday, December 17, 2010

How to get a visa to the United States from Trinidad

All Trinidad and Tobago citizens who want to visit to Visa USA need the type of visa depends on the purpose of the trip, but if you ask a business and tourist visa, a crew member or visa Exchange Visitor Visa, student visa requirements apply to all that. Follow these steps to obtain a visa for a trip to the U.S.Difficulty: ModerateInstructionsThings you need: money for the registration fee (varies) and courier ServiceTT post receipts for expenses PaymentCurrent passport1Prepare all the necessary documents. It is included the electronic application DS-160 (see resources), your current passport and previous passports, U.S. visa. It is also recommended that you collect all documents that show that you keep close ties with Trinidad. This may include letters from employers, account statements, or marriage certificates. In addition, if you can not load a photo with the online visa application, you need a passport with a white background. 2Pay photo application at any branch of TT postal charges apply. The amount depends on the specific visa for which you are applying. Make sure that you the receipt as proof of purchase. 3Schedule appointed maintenance keep online (see resources). Note that an appointment must for families that use, currently planned for each individual family United States Embassy member. 4Appear delivers your Visa (made in November 2010), prepaid the above documents, receipts from TT post and $23 for the messaging service. Expect that wait up to two hours, and note, the fingerprint fingerprints are collected on applicants aged 14-80 age. 5Collect your visa if it is approved by mail through the mail service. As a general rule, the visa sent werdenvier five days after the interview.

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