Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to work a visa for the United Kingdom

Involved recently a migration for all applications visa points-based system work before United Kingdom. This system has replaced the highly skilled migrants programme. A work permit may be issued in several categories: level 1 (General), (work limited) level 1, level 2 (trades) and level 5 (temporary worker). All requirements in the category of your visa as a visa application view of a potential migrants. Eligibility may be by the United Kingdom border administration points Calculator.Difficulty are calculated: ChallengingInstructionsThings ll need: PassportProof valid University degree or technical work before Germany EarningsProof QualificationsProof fluently speak English (if applicable) validation (if from a language not English) proof of means for form1Go MaintenanceApplication UKBA assessment tool (see resources). Give your proposed visa category, and then go to the questionnaire. The last page will tell you if eligible to apply for leave to enter under points based system. 2Have degree or qualification, by the Centre national d'information evaluated appreciation for United Kingdom (UK NARIC). Keep copies of these assessments. All documents are not in English must also be translated by a certified translator 3Gather your supporting documents. This includes your application, passport, degrees or qualifications, proof of funds such as bank statements, proof of income tax returns as proof of a previous work as a P45 Germany. All documents must be originals. Copies are not accepted. 4Apply your online visa application. Outside the United Kingdom, requests must be made online. Will ask you your fr bezahlenAIS online. 5Send into your documents for the UK Consulate in your area - New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Thiscan post, however, it is often useful to use a visa courier services like WorldBridge. The Consulate will be either to the grant or deny the application.

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