Friday, December 10, 2010

The is HIPAA cover?

Imagine, how hard it is to find if you are feeling quality health care, if you do not trust with your doctor, nurse or dentist with your personal information could. HIPAA is to protect, by ensuring that the privacy of our records. DefinitionHIPAA, or the health insurance portability and Accountability Act of 1996, is a piece of legislation that governs the disclosure of information in the healthcare industry. Its purpose is to protect of the privacy of the patient by setting standards for, when, how and with whom privacy can be a patient shared.HIPAA CoverageHealth service providers and professionals who are required, be called HIPAA standards to follow procedures covered entities. Each health electronically sends the information and that any doctor or health centre plan is considered a covered entity. These examples for hospitals, clinics, insurance companies and programs such as e.g. Medicare.The RuleThe privacy rule HIPAA Privacy objective is to protect private patient health information. Rule mandates that certain personal information only with the written consent of the patient or under special circumstances by HIPAA is released. A list of these circumstances is located in the Department of health and human services to "" summary of the HIPAA privacy rule: uses and disclosures permits. ""

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