Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Labor laws and discrimination

According to the equal employment opportunity Commission (Commission) is for us to discriminate, deny a person - illegal to hire employers or pass a staff promotion - based on their colour, race, age, disability, religion, sex or origin. Discrimination test "Employers are expressly forbidden previous studies on the basis of handicap", says the Commission. Although not explicitly prohibited, potential employers should also avoid ask your marital status, if you never want to marry or if you have children, pregnant or planning to children to have. You also don't ask where you were born as nationality, which religion you practice your family or what could your sexual orientation. Similarly should not questions on recent arrests, although questions about recent convictions of .no the job DiscriminationEmployers can not pass an employee promoted can represent, to deny someone some work assignments or terminate an employee based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, pregnancy includes or if old woman is from an employer 40 DiscriminationIf during pregnancy, or employer because of her pregnancy treats a medical condition relating to pregnancy, such as birth or required bed rest, there may be a victim of discrimination the pregnancy. United States, it is illegal to refuse, rent, fire, reduction in the pay, denied a promotion, promotion, released to retain benefits such as insurance or holiday or change any term employment or benefits because the employee is pregnant.Equal pay ActThe equal pay Act staff pay discrimination on grounds of sex protects. By law, male and female employees, the WirkungDaher must substantially similar Stellenanbids for the same employer equal pay.Age discrimination EmploymentThe age discrimination in employment Act individuals protects, the 40 years or more as a Emploidiscrimination that are based on their age. The Act makes it an employer to refuse to hire, fail to promote, to reduce wages, dismissal or fire an individual on the basis of his age, it is illegal over 40. It is also criminal act preferences and borders in the ad or job description to your condition. Employer can deny benefits for older workers, use that reduce or discrimination of a qualified person who based prohibits disability with Disabilities Act require employers the mandatory retirement in the most situations.Disability DiscriminationThe Americans based on age. The Commission said: "the law requires that the employer reasonable accommodation for an employee or applicant with a disability, provide, as long as this can cause significant difficulty or expense to the employer." Reasonable accommodation is any change in the workplace (or in one of the ways things are usually done) apply to a person with a disability to apply for a job to help the tasks of a job, or enjoy benefits and privileges of employment. »

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