Friday, December 10, 2010

Labour law & Chile employment

The Chile is a country in South America with about 16 million inhabitants. The country has high labour and employment laws that work by children in the minimum wage up to govern. Although generally several common types of labour rights, protect the Chilean labour legislation you are applied as the labour laws in other countries isn't as severe. Chile Union laboratory laws allow workers, freely, without to organise the approval of the Government or authority. Individuals can trade unions withdraw at any time, and members can freely forming trade unions or resolve. Closed Union shops are however not allowed in the army or the police operations staff involved can not unionize. Private employees can go on strike, while the Government and the public sector workers. Organizations are free to replace temporary workers to rent to striking workers, but are subject to the fines, which are then distributed strikers.Child laboratory Chile has many laws to child labour, but often to prevent application is low. Children under 15 years may not work at all, and at the age of 15 to 18 can work only with parental permission. All employees who are less than 18 years old must attend school and work in dangerous positions, including nightclubs, mine and heavy industrial jobs. At the age of 18 to 21 may not work in mines or jobs requiring underground.Minimum work WageThe Chile Government which sets minimum wage workers paid every month. Government is the minimum wage annually for inflation and other factors. At Chile jobs to minimum wage employees rehabilitation unterst├╝tzennicht qualified and are usually not high enough to keep a whole familyto support. Minimum wage for domestic workers be 75 percent of the minimum standard for all other positions, although this standard is rarely applied. 1 July 2009, the monthly minimum wage to 165,000 Chilean pesos is set, or about $302 laws, U.S. dollars.Work HoursEmployment Chile maximum hours work six days in the week or 45 hours. Employees work may not exceed 10 hours a day and must be paid overtime for hours outside the typical work day with eight hour rates. Employers must all staff with full offer a period of 24 hours per week. In-house staff are exempt from these requirements but benefit from 11 holiday every year, workers in Chile.Working Conditionsthe Department of health and the working set health regulations and safety of workers. These laws include the country's labour laws more strictly enforced. The Department requires training on security for all employees and workers to cover compensation employer. Workplace must be free of hazardous conditions, and workers must be protected against hazardous substances or chemicals. Fire safety codes are strictly applied in the workplace.

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