Monday, December 20, 2010

Law of 1988 on the minimum wage

Minimum wage in South Korea surrender right caused in 1986 and 1988. This law was passed to stabilize the lives of low wage earners. If it is passed, the law apply only to manufacturing companies with 10 or more employees. The corresponding minimum wage law was developed for the protection of workers Korean. No minimum salary requirement was so far. This law protects workers by ensuring that you will earn a certain amount of income or more to the South Korean Government Announces jobs.FeaturesThe August which is new minimum wage every year from 5. The new amount should wages after 1 September to 31 August of the following year. The current amount of the minimum wage 2,510 per hour has won in September 2003. Another feature of the Act requiring that older workers under the age 90 per cent of the amount of the minimum wage 18, but after six months of employment, 1989 Act extends the full amount of hour.AdditionsIn is also preserved by the application for production companies, but the construction and mining companies. In 1990, law again expands by applying to all companies with 10 employees. Click the law in 1999 company with five employees applied, and in 2000, finally the law extended to all companies and jobs.

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