Thursday, December 23, 2010

Manitoba and the law on health security

Security and Manitoba Health Act 1976 initially adopted and changed at the time to increase security for employees in the province. The law is quite similar to the function of the occupational safety and health administration in the United States. PurposeEmployers, at least 20 workers security have committee.The, law aims to Manitoba of workers, exposed to non-hazardous working conditions. Each employer of workers 20 or more should create a Committee on health and safety at work to ensure that the working conditions are safe.OfficersOfficers have the right to work to stop orders.Under, Director of the law, health and safety has the right without an arrest warrant or notice, to give and to examine any workspace feels contain potentially dangerous working conditions. Agents have the right to grant a stop order, where working conditions are or become too dangerous. A stop work order prohibits any work, security concerns are ComplainViolators resolved.Right may be arrested, sentenced to a fine or both.All, including employees at work and of the Committee on health, have the right to demand safe working conditions and file complaints on the most dangerous without fear of discrimination. Imprisonment or both will be subject to a fine violate all employers or companies, the security of Manitoba and the right to health.

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