Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Minimum standards of Ohio fair wages

In 2010, Ohio is one of the 14 States the minimum rates of pay, the higher than the Federal Republic requires minimum wage, but this standard may vary depending on who you are and how much your employer won. Received no EmployeesFor employees are not end in his profession, the minimum wage in Ohio was $7.30 per hour in 2010, the higher than the Federal Republic of minimum wage of five hundred. Employers, not more than $267,000 gross, minimum wage remained $7.25. It also pay for the 14 and 15 years employees.Tipped EmployeesFor employees receive the advice as part of their total compensation, the minimum wage is halved. Services industry have a minimum of $3.65 per hour and thus your hanging boards make the difference in your income.OvertimeEmployees, work more than 40 hours per week to overtime numbers are allowed. It is and a half times the regular rate of pay. However, this applies to certain employees, such as babysitting agencies, employees of the newspaper delivery and eat-in kitchen companion for the sick or elderly people.

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