Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Minimum wages and inflation

The United States was a compulsory minimum wage by the Government since 1938. Pay was never officially accepted in its history. However, the effects of inflation meant that the real value of the minimum wage has fluctuated in time. WageThe current minimum SMIC from beginning of 2010 is $7.25 per at least WageThe hour.Year federal minimum, after the adjustments to the effects of inflation was higher high salary salary 1968.Amount WageThe higher minimum at least in 1968 was little over $1.50 per hour. However, when measured in "$ 2007", the content is $9.47 minimise WageThe hour.Lowest lower, was in force minimum wage after adjustment for inflation in 1948 and $3.50 per hour "Dollar 2007" was slightly less. Walk a minimum wage salary increases the minimum 2009Der 2007 2007-2009 product minimum wage higher, after adjusting for inflation, since 1982.

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