Sunday, December 12, 2010

Minnesota family leave act

The Minnesota parental leave Act, which is the version of the State of the family and Federal medical leave Act (FMLA). Minnesota version has some differences of federal law, but still provides protection for workers with children. Contact the Ministry of labour and industry, unit for more information please labour standards. Leave Department of work and industry, labor standards Unit443 Lafayette Road N.St. Paul, MN 55155651 284 rehabilitation or parental take in Minnesota? Employees at least part-time in a federal or local government, public sector position or a position of not less than 21 employees on site private. At least 50 employees must follow employers leave more restrictive. This gives more rights for the reasons that can left family.What be taken? in Minnesota, an application for leave may be granted if a parent is birth or adoption of a child. When a child gets sick, that can parent sick leave or on its own to take care of the child.What benefits are available? Minnesota provides six weeks holiday without pay and continuous insurance. The employer must keep employees on the insurance company, but an employee will be responsible for 100% coverage, while the to leave. In addition, the staff are guaranteed to keep your previous job or an equivalent post. A relevant position is one with the same number of hours and salary and similar to the position.EligibilityTo held previously qualify for leave, an employee must work for a consecutive period of 12 months for the same employer. This period should be immediately before the leave is taken. The employees must work at leasts half of working a full time equivalent for this employer.Returning in the work garlic TimeWhen of employee back, he or she the same seniority and benefits granted you before the holiday is guaranteed. Employees can work part-time while on leave without be punished. You are guaranteed at the end of the period of holidays always their former position or the equivalent.

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