Friday, December 10, 2010

Municipal policy administration sundown communities

In his book with the same name describes sociologist James w. lion "cities sunset sunrise" communities United States adopted laws or the use of force keep their status as white. HistoryDuring century, cities sunset sunrise is due to the rising anti Chinese mood as white and immigrants took on the farm, industrial and domestic jobs. Practice grown are African Americans and other minorities and far "Fordham Law Review." in the northern and Western countries spread from 1970, according to theTypesAccording Lion, three types of cities sunset sunrise, there: exclusive white towns, order, suburb of sunset and standard white towns.LawThe Federal Fair prohibits discrimination on grounds of race Housing Act of 1968, ethnic group, religion and disability later, call of the cities, other ways to separate remain to find. Certain acts prohibit an owner to sell the property on minorities, according to the Loewen.After DarkMinorities down.Signs were property in the city after sunset posted at the borders of the city, such as "make it go on you, the Sun" forced African and other minorities to leave the city to the sunset or face housing in the next great city.TodayAlthough Lion find noted require police action limits, for minorities that it is impossible to tell if a particular city is a community of sunset sunrise he discover that some cities have reputation live makes it a difficult for minorities to y.

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