Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Paid family leave laws

The pressure is many knowledge workers to have a child or a sick parent. These situations can staff take time to work off require. However, this option is the risk of job loss or loss of wages. For these or other reasons, three States - California, New Jersey and Washington - adopted for paid family leave legislation. BackgroundIn decades, State and Government can steps employees more work done. 1993 Passed the federal family and medical leave Act (FMLA). This Act gave many workers the right to 12 weeks last new for a sick child or relative ensure. Vermont and Washington six months, to Government paid workers.California legislation adopted up to unpaid family family leave, leave adopted family Lawton California the first State leave paid workers. In 2002 it adopted the Act paid leave family (ALDP). Not others have provided family leave paid prior to the adoption of this law. This law gave workers right, from six weeks paid per year to care for a sick relative or newborn. However, if an employee chooses this option to take, it is entitled, his usual salary. He is entitled, to get around 55% of its usual salary, which cannot exceed $917 week.New Jersey family leave paid LawNew Jersey has recently adopted legislation similar to the California ALDP. He was paid to care family leave for a period of six weeks each year to a sick child the relative or a new law adopted in May 2008 workers. Employees receive two-thirds of their salary, up to a maximum of $524 per week.Washington family paid leave LawWashington paid family leave, right istverschiedene in California and New Jersey. Adopted in 2007, is paid only for the purpose of caring for a newborn family holiday. It applies to those workers who take care of common on take-off time to a sick RelationsCera search or partner.Proposed LawsOther States have proposed but not yet passed their own family leave legislation paid. New York one proposed similar law ALDP California, but has yet to adopt one. Massachusetts has not gone but also still a family holiday arrangements Bill.

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