Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Procedures for the presentation of a combination of hostile work environment

Federal law prohibits employers to allow a hostile work environment. It's comments or actions to create adequate concern of the physical damage or interfere with the exercise of your duties. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and subsequent right to this situation. Notify your SupervisorIf are subject to a hostile work environment to inform your supervisor in writing. Follow the instructions of the company to correct the situation. Step to avenge the behavior. If feel physically threatened you leaving the place of work, and contact the Recordset keep police.Keep sign certain events and persons that feel home to create hostile environment. Note the date, time and the names of all parties as well as for witnesses.Hire AttorneyIf situation persists the names and contact information, please contact a renowned law lawyer work. Check references of which have the status bar of the State of the public prosecutor's Office and the number of the bar and a record of actions, with the bar against the Prosecutor drop. Consultation with counsel of the accused must be free and the plaintiff attorneys offer fee generally conditional contracts that you costs or expenses, free of charge, unless money from liquidation or litigation.File ComplaintFollowing orientation of the Prosecutor of to file a charge of discrimination with the local Office of equal employment opportunity Commission (Commission) is recorded. The Agency will be in your complaint inquiry contact you up to the employer and finally a notice of the right to sue issued. If notice the cause of a civil action against the employer you now well remain the negotiations of the regulation or fails in sINEM State or Federal Court complaint about beginnenLitigation.Settlement or LitigationMost cases settle after the complaint is presented; Otherwise, you can program a trial by jury. The lawyer will help you to collect evidence, to get discovery statements from witnesses, Scheduliles deposits ng and materials for the defendant.

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